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Stricken by the Gods, an immortal prophet finds his tragic existence mirroring that of a young, grieving musical prodigy. But with his power of influence, and his very life ebbing away, can he make a final stand for humanity or fade into obscurity. Mysterious and enigmatic, 'Custodian' is the new film from award-winning filmmaker Craig McKenna, who’s previous film, 'When The Tide Comes In' was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA New Talent Award in 2015 and won Best Short Film at the 2015 Festigious Film Festival. 'Custodian' stars Jeremy Theobald (Tenet; Convergence; Batman Begins), Nicolette McKeown (Convergence; Perfect Strangers) and Danielle Farrow (Kingdom: Fall of Illandrieal; The Show Must Go Online). 'Custodian' explores the battle to follow our heart and moral compass when faced with crippling circumstances.

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Directed by Craig McKenna

Written by Craig McKenna

Produced by Joyce Grochowska
Jeremy Theobald
Craig McKenna

Cast Jeremy Theobald
Nicolette McKeown
Danielle Farrow

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