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The story follows the downwards spiral of a violinist with his days of fame long behind him. The incident which happens to be the last drop that spills the cup is when he one day grabs his violin in order to play his favorite melody and for the life of him is unable to remember how the tune finishes. This pushes him to his mental and physical limit. Right in that moment his neighbor appears to confront him about the unbearable non-stop violin playing which echoes through the entire apartment block. They both manage to overcome their ill feelings towards each other and together they try and find the violinist’s lost inspiration. They both quickly learn that the mysterious muse can crash into you with the force of a thousand bricks at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways.

Included with


Directed by Svilen Slavov

Written by Svilen Slavov

Produced by Svilen Slavov

Cast Dimiter Marinov
Kitodar Todorov
Koyna Ruseva

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