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Beso is a father of three – Luka (21), Ana (17) and Ika (4). Ever since the passing of their mother, Ana is left to take care of the family and is doing her best to serve as a mother figure to her brothers. One day, the family is disrupted by an intrusion of two construction workers from the neighboring flat, who accidentally smash down a part of the common wall. Ana and Beso trust the workers to restore the wall immediately, however, the situation aggravates when Ana’s little brother, Ika disappears.

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Directed by David Borchkhadze

Written by David Borchkhadze
Zaza Koshkadze

Produced by Sandro Gabilaia
Tamar Tvaradze

Cast Anastasia Davidson
Kakha Kobaladze
Atu Beridze

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