One Elevator Apart



Availability ended 30/11/2021 BST
Yuli and Pavel are failing police students in the big city. Liliya, their rich and imperious landlord is the first person, who take them seriously by forcing them to start a secret investigation. Her winning lottery ticket is missing and the suspects are all of the neighbors. When the boys start investigating they find that a bigger theft is in the making. Suddenly they receive another offer.

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Directed by Chris Zahariev

Written by Chris Zahariev
Pavla Kotova

Produced by Chris Zahariev
Stanislav Semerdjiev
Dessy Tenekedjieva

Cast Yoan Popov
Aleksandar Grigorov
Yordanka Kuzmanova
Pavel Poppandov
Georgi Karkelanov
Lili Geleva

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