The Flowers The Fish and The Cockerel


1H 23MIN

Availability ended 30/11/2021 BST
A first encounter. At the Venice Film Festival. A second encounter. Again the Venice Film Festival. A crescendo of curiosity, wish to know and discover more. Months go by. A crazy idea. Dear Mark, can we make a documentary about you? The journey begins, Edinburgh in the background, an intimate film on the creative daily life of Mark Cousins. Director, writer, film polymath, teacher but, more than anything, Mark. Mark shows himself unfiltered, he lives his life in front of our camera, but he can’t help it, he must turn his camera on us. The subject becomes the filmmaker. The filmmaker becomes the subject. Questions, answers, doubts, truths and lies.

Included with


Directed by Gennaro Carrano (Johnny)

Produced by Gennaro Carrano (Johnny)
Valentina Carraro
Maria Bastianello

Cast Mark Cousins
Susan Kemp
Gill Moreton
Robert McDowell

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