The Ginger Arrows



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This film is about a species of Bee (The Tree Bumble Bee - Bombus Hypnorum) that has recently migrated to Scotland from continental Europe. I accidentally discovered a nest in my garden and became smitten with these fascinating little critters. I wanted to tell their (Tree Bumble Bees) story and show people they have nothing to fear. I spent approx. 60 hours filming the Bees, waiting patiently for the Queens to emerge and the mating season to begin. The Film's goal is to charm and educate viewers, and to encourage people to cherish rather than fear these beautiful little critters. There are a number of 'shorts' online about these Bees but (in my opinion) none show the macro details nor tell the story of their arrival in the UK and why they are so valuable to our society.

Included with


Directed by Mark Anthony Laughlin Ellison

Written by Mark Ellison

Produced by Mark Ellison

Cast Tree Bumble Bees Bombus hypnorum

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